About Norris AV

It started in 1996…or did it?

The company was created in 1996, but the things that make us great started long before that. Experience is the key to our success. The staff of Norris Audio Video, LLC. has both depth and diversity of experience. We have been professional musicians, worship leaders, music teachers, acoustics designers, math teachers, touring audio engineers, construction workers, electronic systems designers, customer service agents, business men and women, community business leaders, and all the things you would expect in a business like ours, but so much more.

We have also been thrilled and sometimes frustrated technology users. We have been technologically delighted and sometimes disappointed concert, theater and even church goers.  We take note when things are great or not so great. We constantly ask ourselves and others "How can this be better?" We listen to our clients when they talk about needs, wants, frustrations, and successes.

In short, we keep learning. We learn so we can make your events look and sound amazing. We learn so we can make your systems easier to understand and operate. We learn so we can make your events more enjoyable for everyone involved. Our future will no doubt be bright as we continue to build our skills, abilities, and knowledge for the sole purpose of serving you, our client, better.

Because we keep learning, you can expect great things.